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Our Story

Growing up, Anthony found himself in the kitchen at a young age helping with prep and a taste tester. When timing was right, Anthony became a classically trained Chef at Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago, IL. At LCB he studied classic French cuisine and later had the opportunity to travel to Italy to study his favorite cuisine, Italian. When returning home, Anthony worked in local restaurants gaining experience. As years went on Anthony's love for authentic Italian cuisine grew and focusing on the craft of making hand made pastas.  That is what led him to open “osteria bigolaro.” An osteria is a casual and inexpensive restaurant found in Italy and a bigolaro is a vintage pasta extruder that originated in northern Italy. It was the perfect name for Anthony's vision. “Osteria Bigolaro” will focus on the art of handcrafted pastas and homemade bread along with great wine.

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In the Kitchen

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